At Bueno, we’re looking for a support specialist to join us on our quest to help people discover their creative superpowers. Preferably, you're someone in the web3 space who has used our product.

We’re looking for a person who is not afraid to wear many hats and enjoys a culture of freedom and responsibility. You will be given the trust and authority to try different things, explore ideas, fail, learn, adapt, and try again.

We're a small team creating no-code tools for artists and producers in the web3 space. If you also want to get your hands in different parts of the company, including support and community, then this role is perfect for you! Your work would be about evolving how Bueno delivers consistent and delightful support throughout the entire user journey.

Your role

Being a customer support specialist in Bueno is a crucial part of our mission, serving as the face of the company and the primary point of contact for customers. As a customer support specialist, your main goal is to provide excellent customer service, resolve customer issues, and build strong relationships with customers to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. Key responsibilities include: