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June 6, 2024

Welcome back to our product updates! After a brief pause, we are excited to bring you some fantastic new features we’ve been working on.

Introducing Templates in Musho AI

If you're a designer or a creative, you'll love our new Templates feature in Musho AI. Previously, Musho's Brands feature allowed you to create designs aligned with specific colors, fonts, and descriptions. Now, we’ve enhanced this with the addition of Templates, giving you even more control and flexibility in your design process.

To use templates in Musho, start by selecting the frames you want to use as templates in Figma. Make sure that all layers include --lummi at the end. This step ensures you’ll have visuals from the Lummi library instead of blank images.

After naming the image layers, open up your Brand and click “Add” to upload your templates into Musho. After uploading, make sure each template has a title and description. This description will influence the final output, so try to be as detailed as possible.


Next, to use your templates, go to the main screen in Musho and select "Template Mode" from the dropdown in the left corner. Then, add a prompt for what you want to design. If Musho can't automatically detect which template to use, it will give you options to choose from before generating.


Add Effects to Your Webflow Lummi Pics!

We’ve released new features for our Webflow Lummi users, including image adjustments, duotone, and more effects! Just like in, you can search for, edit, and adjust the images you want to insert into your web designs.


Stay tuned for more updates next week!

Happy designing!

The Musho Team