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May 16, 2024

Welcome back to our weekly product updates! This week, we have an exciting upgrade in Musho, some bug fixes, plus a new way to integrate Lummi into your design projects! Let’s get started.

Musho Updates

Upgrade to GPT-4o

We're thrilled to announce that Musho now utilizes GPT-4o. This means that your copy, color choices, font selections, and more will all be enhanced with the power of GPT-4o, ensuring higher quality and more accurate design suggestions. For more details about the newest OpenAI release, read here.


Improving Layout Remixing

We've significantly improved our remixing feature for Website and Social Media modes. Now, when you remix layouts, the context is stored to ensure the output’s copy & images remains relevant to your design. Note that layout remixing only works with sections or slides created in the same mode. Sections designed independently or with different modes (such as Experimental Mode) won't be remixable using website or social media models.

While it’s not perfect yet, we're continuously working to refine this feature.


Guest Upgrade Bug Fix

We've fixed a bug that prevented guests from upgrading. Previously, the upgrade button was non-functional unless you were signed in to Musho. This issue has now been resolved, making it easier for all users to upgrade seamlessly.