<aside> ✨ Musho turns your prompts into nearly-complete, dev-ready websites with simple layouts, great copy, and gorgeous images.


Explore Musho's current features and capabilities below.

Generating & Iterating Landing Pages

With a simple prompt, Musho gets your design 80% of the way, so you have time to obsess over the final little details. Plus, you can iterate on them and “remix” until they’re perfect.

AI Image Models

Musho offers a range of AI image models, each with unique capabilities to enhance your creative projects.

Advanced Image Editing

Musho offers advanced image editing tools that empower you to perfect your designs. You can choose your preferred ai image model to create the most accurate results.

Musho Pro

Going with the Pro Plan means unlimited generations, privacy, new features and minimized wait times.

Stylists (Coming Soon)