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February 29, 2024

Update timeeeee!

This week, we've rolled out some exciting updates to enhance your Musho and Lummi experience! From integrating Blush into Musho for seamless access to a diverse range of customizable illustrations to empowering Lummi with advanced search functionalities, we're dedicated to elevating your creative journey.

How do these updates help improve your Musho experience? Check out our walkthrough on our video below 👇

Add illustrations into your Musho Designs


Get ready to explore a world of creativity with our latest integration into Musho! We've integrated Blush, the fantastic platform filled with customizable illustrations, directly into Musho. Now, you can easily search for and use images from various Blush categories right within Musho. Simply type —blush tag followed by the category of your choice(i.e. --blush={category}) to your remixing prompt and incorporate stunning visuals into your projects.

Try these in your prompt